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Eastview specialises in Leadership Development that equips leaders to increase the Value they deliver to performance, results and successful outcomes, in the crucial areas of:

1/ Thinking & Decision-Making
2/ Leading & Inspiring People

To achieve this Eastview drills-down and equips leaders with Critical Thinking, Strategies, Actions, Behaviours and Support via Face-to-Face and Online approaches, enabling leaders     to achieve new, changed, and improved results.

Eastview delivers Leadership Development through:

Leadership Coaching

1-on-1 coaching to guide, develop, and support practical application

½ Day Workshops

Focused on addressing key performance areas, capabilities and actions

1-2 Day Workshops

Comprehensive development of leadership thinking and performance

Workshops Intensives

2-3 hour highly focused workshops targeting critical areas and issues

Customised Workshops

Designed for the specific needs, challenges and situations of leaders

Leadership Programs

Multi-day integrated development across key performance capabilities

360 Degree Feedback

Achieving greater self-awareness of Thinking, Behaviours & Capabilities

All Coaching, Workshops, Programs and 360 Degree Feedback are:  

  • Individually Designed - to address your specific challenges, opportunities and requirements

  • Strategically Planned - to align with your strategies, competencies, measures and culture

  • Incisive in Content - using world-class resources, in-depth content & extensive experience

  • Results-Changing - through focused application, addressing barriers and on-going support

  • Excellent Value

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